Who Are We?

Teledoctors of America LLC is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine company that provides patients the opportunity to see doctors in real time for non-emergency medical conditions.The company provides the technological infrastructure for patients to have face-to-face video conferencing consultations with US trained and licensed medical providers.

What’s Our Mission Statement?

Instant access to medical care, cost effectiveness and better outcomes are the key drivers of our global strategies as more people die across the world on daily basis due to lack of access to a better care. We intend to bridge this gap by provision of cost effective medical services with better outcomes.

What’s Our Vision?

Better health for Everyone
Leveraging the power of technology to make a difference in people’s lives
Shaping the future of healthcare
Providing cost-effective medical services with better outcomes

What’s The Relationship Between Us and The Medical Providers?

We are not interested in drawing patients away from your business but rather we would like to partner with you by providing you with free access to our technological infrastructure and platform to increase your patients outreach and improve delivery of your medical services for better outcomes. We believe that blending a traditional patient care module with the modern technological approach is the future of healthcare. Therefore, Teledoctors of America acts as a liaison between the patients and medical practitioners who are independent contractors through  the provision of a technological infrastructure that allows patients to have face-to-face interactions with medical providers for better patient care.

What happens during and after the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, the medical provider may assess and determine the root cause(s) of the patient’s medical ailments. After the consultation, if warranted, the patient may be sent an electronic prescription to any of the pharmacies of his or her choice. Likewise, If necessary, an electronic laboratory requisition or x-ray order may be sent to the nearest facility of the patient’s choice. Then a follow-up appointment may be scheduled if deemed necessary.